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Please let me know how I'm doing with Repede, good, bad, where ever I need improvement.

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[Now here's an odd sight. There was a white haired person with a pipe in his mouth wandering around town, moving somewhat awkwardly on his feet. There were intervals where the young man would just give up and start moving on all fours, at least try to. It's just not the same. He can't even pick up any kind of scent from the ground. What good are humans for anyway with their poor excuse of the senses!? At least...if it's an improvement, he can see in color? Which was neat and just a little disorientating to get used to.

A few times Repede would just stop to stare at a few objects around town, signs, flowers, people, food...mmm food. If it catches his interest long enough, he'd be sitting on all fours and stare at it in front of a restaurant. Even if his sense of smell wasn't top-notched, he can still smell food being cooked inside.]

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[Things have been...quiet at the Vesperia house. More so than usual. Repede has been managing all right for the past few days since Yuri was taken. Plenty of things to do around the house and out in the village, but it still an odd feeling to come home and not be greeted by his partner. So, during the afternoon, while inside the room with Jonah, he looks to his journal he had open. Like before, he was looking through his journal to hear for any news of Yuri. He would do this once a day, now every other day as time passed. was a little different. Today, he decides to speak up. As he lays on the bed, out of the journal's view, he mutters.]

Why do they have to take us?

[Sometime later on in the day, Repede will be wandering out into the village and right on into the forest. He knows a few of his companions don't normally wander into the village and he thought he would see how they were's totally not because he wanted some company, naw]
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[It's late in the evening, when most people are asleep. Outside of House #12, was Repede, sitting on the porch. His ears turn attentively to a sound he hears off in the distant. Suddenly, Repede will just start howling, howling loudly enough for even his journal to pick up. He's howling in response to the howling he's hearing in the far off distance. He probably knows he's the only one who can hear them, but he didn't care right now. He's going to howl along with those familiar calls of his squad, until someone tells him to stop.]
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[Wandering along the river that flowed through the village, Repede was out taking a walk. Repede has been to house related business lately due to the noticeable lack of new feathers this month. Odd, really. On occasion, as he walked along the riverside, he would eye the water, as if considering if he should take a quick dip or not. Though what if the current washed him away? Hn, why is finding some way to cool down difficult?]
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[So it's that time again, where more lost people start showing up around the place. Naturally, Repede will be walking around the perimeter of the village, seeking out any who are lost. At some point, he'll wander out into the forest and find himself at one of the stations, most likely station A to check it out.

As the day goes on into the late afternoon, Repede will be found resting on the front porch of House #12, playing the watchdog. Feel free to bother him during his walk, or at any of these stops.]
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[After Repede had run off to try and rescue Yuri, he had return home a few hours later, slightly disheartened. He knew Yuri would come back, but it's just frustrating when you can't do anything to save someone important to you. So after he had some rest, he did something he rarely did, check the journals. He can at least have one ear listening to the journal, just in case someone locates Yuri. Occasionally, the journal will pick up his frustrated whine.

As for anyone in the Vesperia household, Repede will be found in the room with Jonah. He's back to playing watchdog, so to not dwell on the lack of Yuri too much.]

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[Out in the forest on the west side of time. People might find a blue dog running about with a dagger in his mouth. If you don't see him on the ground, you might find him chilling up in a tree. He's been working on his Shining Fang attack...just to see how high he could go. Now, if you don't happen to see him up in whatever tree he's chilling in, he may choose to come down and surprise you. Though, he's really just looking for a sparring partner so...he won't pounce everyone that comes through if he doesn't think they're fighting material.]
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[Holy crap, why is it so loud and crazy today? Where did all these people come from!? Until this place starts to calm down, Repede's going to be sitting in front of House #12 and observe the commotion from there. Maybe he'll greet you, maybe he won't. He's just making sure no weirdo decides to break down the door invade the house.]
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[So, now that Repede is settled and knows most of his companions are safe and sound, he decides today would be a good day to head out to explore a bit. He's actually looking for higher ground to get a better view of the village. Feel free to pester the strange blue dog with a pipe in his mouth and a dagger strapped onto him. He's wandering through the shopping district area...and possibly getting distracted by the smell of food.]
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[sniff, sniff, snuff. There are odd sounds coming from the journal like someone was smelling the book. Repede was sitting and staring intently at the book he had found next to him when he woke up. He could have sworn he heard voices coming from it. Getting no real results from sniffing and pawing at it, he gives up and just leaves it there to figure out where the heck he was. fact, where was Yuri and the others? Could have sworn they were just with him, in Aurnion, not a forest. And what were these...wings? He eyes them for a moment with his good eye. They matched the white fur of his paws, and quiver slightly. A grunt escapes him, not understanding the strange oddity on his back. In addition to that, his equipment was missing! Even his pipe that was rather important to him was gone, which left Repede disgruntled until he found himself a twig to use temporarily until he can relocate his pipe.

His ears perked up as he picks up the scent of people...a lot of people. His ears twitch as he follows the scent through the forest to find himself looking at a village. It...didn't smell like Aurnion, or Dahngrest, or Halure, or any town he knew. How odd. Somewhere in the great mass of smells, he could faintly pick out the familiar scents of the people he did know. Were they here somewhere? Time to investigate, being watchful of anyone he knew and wary of those he didn't.]


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